Education Program:

Through a comprehensive year-round educational program that meets the varying educational needs of our members, we provide enriching and evidence-based learning opportunities for members regardless of how often or little they come to the Club.  Through our Power Hour program, members spend 45 minutes in the afternoons Monday - Thursday, working on their homework and receiving assistance from staff, volunteers, and tutors. We collect and analyze the grades of our members in order to better understand how we can help ensure success academically.



Junior Staff: Cultivating Tomorrow's Club Professionals Today

The Junior staff program is an evidence based program adopted by the Boys & Girls Club of America that offers Club members, ages 13-18, a hands-on experience to learn about work ethic, leadership, volunteerism, goal setting, and program planning and development.  To be eligible to participate in the program, teens must be 13 years old or older, maintain a C+ average in school, participate in all sessions of the 6-week Junior Staff training; volunteer for 6 hours with younger groups in the Club and volunteer at another Club for at least one afternoon during the training period.  Teens do not have to be a member of the Club in order to participate in the program. While the short term goals of the program are to prepare teens for work at the Club or elsewhere in our community, the long term goal is to ensure that teens are prepared for college or the workplace during and after high-school. 


Junior Appalachian Musicians 

JAM or Junior Appalachian Musicians is a free program open to our club and community's children. Children receive either fiddle, guitar, mandolin or banjo classes from experienced local musicians. Enrollment is offered in the fall and winter. 

Arts & Crafts Program

At the club, we love to see the individual creativity and imagination of our members! Art time is designed to encourage both group and individual creativity and achievement with one-of-a-kind craft projects and art experiments. We are learning that the world of art is a wonderful way to observe details, communicate feelings, and enjoy expressing personal talents.  Traditional and unique art methods, materials, and displays have made this a special time where many members discover their uniquely creative abilities.